Patch release: Astrocounter of Crescents Sunday, March 16, 2014

Due to circumstances, it took me a lot longer to get this finished than I thought it would, but the English translation for Korean developer Kim Donggun's (of Mabinogi fame) first commercial project is finally done. This translates all the ingame text except for the staff credits and a timeline in the intro, because those are bitmap images. Both are included in English with the online documentation, though. That has still a few pages coming up (hopefully) in the next few weeks. You can get the patch in bps format on the game's project page. The bps patcher program Beat is available in the utilities section at


New project: Astrocounter of Crescents Friday, October 18, 2013

Well, the translation of Seal is still going on very slowly, but for a change I felt like I needed a project with something less than several full time months amount of work ahead of me. Astrocounter of Crescents, the only commercial game made by a duo of developers called Object Square Team (both Kim Donggun and Lee Eunseok were well-known names in the Korean indie scene of the '90s, though, and kept working together on several larger projects, including Nexon's Mabinogi series). The game contains a surprisingly large amount of text for a side-scrolling action title, but still only a tiny speck compared to Seal. It also doesn't require any actual hacking to speak of, so I hope I'll be able to finish it before the year is over. Check it out!


Seal: Travelers of Destiny documentation online Sunday, June 10, 2012

I updated the currently active project with a full online documentation for the game. It consists mostly of translated content from the game's official homepage (which is offline now and only preserved in the Wayback Machine) and additional information about the game itself and the development team.

Besides a basic playing manual, there's a lot of interesting stuff to learn about the game's setting and characters, but beware of spoilers, especially in the latter section. Check out the link on the project page.


Site launched Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So I'm working on my second fan translation now, that should be enough justification to finally build a page for this stuff. The vast majority of Korea's pre-online RPG legacy is locked off to Westerners - sure, there have been a few niche localizations back in the day, but those were mostly confined to games some marketing guy thought were adequate to a Western audience (eg. generic Diablo-likes and RTS games), and in other cases the releases themselves often weren't executed very professionally and/or unnecessarily obscure, like Mirinae Software's Legend of the Ancient Dragon, which was put out in a beta-quality build with all the background music ripped out and a mostly unintelligible script, or Corum III, whose English version was only ever available on BeOS.

But this should be changing now, ever so slowly. The goal of this here project is to hopefully create competent translations of Korean RPGs, focusing on games that are particularly good or at least give an interesting cultural perspective, in other words games that are really worth checking out. The first translation was started in April 2010; Mangguk Jeon'gi, or Romance of the Forgotten Kingdom by Mirinae. Since I was mostly on my own for that one, it took me a long time (until November 8th, 2011) working on-and-off, mostly because I'm not much of a hacker. There are still a few issues with the current version, like imperfect menu spacing and some untranslated graphics, but also a lack of polish in the actual script due to the stupid way I went on to modify the game resources. Yet I think it's still something to be proud of as the first ever fully playable fan translation of a Korean RPG. (It seems whoever did White Day beat me to the first fan-translated Korean game overall, which I've once claimed erroneously. Sorry!)

The current project is Seal: Travelers of Destiny, started on May 4th, 2012. While the first translated game was more on the "interesting" side of the spectrum, this one is genuinely good, featuring an exciting active-turn based combat system and some of the better writing I've seen in an Eastern-style RPG, both in comedic and dramatic moments. It has been officially localized into Chinese and Japanese, but never into a Western language. Although this project is still in its early stages, it's coming along nicely, thanks to a great deal of help by Xalphenos on the hacking and reprogramming side.