F I L E . I D . A F C 0 2 - C / Main Characters

Lin Seo

Manipulated records, dark memories sleeping within me, and people who are hunting me...

Age: 21. Protagonist of Astrocounter of Crescents and Neurocraft Test pilot. A beautiful woman with long hair and an unimaginably deep sadness in her eyes. She is dispatched to Gidbase in order to collect combat data for Bulgidung, where she is haunted by vague dark memories. She pilots BUL-02B Bulgidung.


Lin... We have a problem.

Artificial brain created by Neurocraft. Is a subsystem of Agarta but has comparatively simple capabilities and can operate as an independent system of itself. Assists Lin Seo during the tests. Is modeled after the brain of Lin's younger brother and aids her with all kinds of valuable information.

Mien Lao

People look at me and say I'm a picture book soldier. Is that true?

Age: 27. Rank: Captain. A hopeful young officer of 3rd Fleet on an exchange in the GidBase test center. Since he saved Young Yoon from complete obliteration of their unit, he has earned his companion's unconditional trust. He is friendly towards Lin Seo, and in an incident during testing, he loses his life protecting her. During the test, he pilots the BUL-02A Bulgidung without a Biosynch System installed.

Young Yoon

Revenge... That is what drives me.

Age: 28. Rank: Captain. Commanding officer of the first Astrocounter company of 3rd Fleet. Is a close friend of Mien, with whom he attended the military academy. He is known as an ace throughout the SWC Space Forces and popular among his men. Mien's death he puts his military career at risk by devoting himself to the hunt for Bulgidung. He uses a special Cuspid Custom with Mass Converter installed.

Rogure Beighins

The fight... That is all that counts.

Age: 36. Rank: Commander. Leader of Rylapse. Always wears his hair tightly bound and his trademark sunglasses. Because of his violent temper, he has been criticised to have joined the military just to satisfy his lust for destruction. His defeat of 80 ASCOs of the Earth Liberation Force in no more than one hour is still passed on as a legend among soldiers. Since he has taken leadership of Rylapse, he mainly uses starship destroyer class ASCOs.

Ahk Lemn

[Law of history No. 0: The sacrifice of the few for the good of the many]
Science is only meaningful in reducing that sacrifice.

Age: 39. The overseer of CRESCENTS is surrounded by an aristocratic yet cold atmosphere. As far as is known, he is Brant's only, illegitimate son. Not only for leading the CRESCENTS division, but also for his excellent leadership skills while assimilating the companies that made up the Gaiaspine Project consortium and his relation to the current chairman, he is widely seen as Neurocraft's next leader, although overconfidence is seen as his greatest flaw. Since Ahk Lemn controls the Artemis Project, on which Neurocraft has bet its future, he enjoys a nearly absolute power within the company.

Nail Yamamoto

We don't know what Ahk Lemn is up to. Take care!

Age: 52. Managing director at Neurocraft and Brant's assistant. He is the only entity impeding the expansion of Ahk Lemn's influence within the company. He is not directly involved with CRESCENTS, but as Brant's counsellor he is one of the few individuals that are allowed to enter it. Due to his highly organized intellect, he is a thorn in Lemn's side.

Arthur Brant

Corporations have to serve humanity? Of course.
Humanity is where the purchasing power is, after all.

Age: 76. Third chairman of Neurocraft. A man of indomitable will and adventurous spirit. He has observed Ahk Lemn's recent ambitions with foresight and stern determination. This is caused by their strongly conflicting opinions concerning the management policy. Despite his advanced age, he still displays perfect health.

Raphael Bernard

Earth Liberation Front, Neurocraft... They are all nothing but stepping stones.

Age: 48. Rank: Vice admiral. Representative of the younger faction among the admiralty, who quickly climbed the ranks by distinguishing himself during the Battle of Dark Moon. A strong opponent of the Earth Liberation front, he is also said to have a lot of political influence. As supreme commander of Gidbase and the SWC Space Forces 3rd Fleet he is in charge of the military support during the Bulgidung field test.


Do you really believe all this is coincidence...?

A mysterious person who appears in times of crisis to aid Lin, either directly or indirectly. Pilot of Zenith.