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  Baldea's Journal


  The means to keep track of information in Seal is 'Baldea's Journal'. Whenever any particular events occur, they are recorded here from Baldea's point of view. (Sometimes other people scribble in the book, too.)

   New entries are signaled by a sound of turning a page, so it's useful to check the journal afterwards. Since it not only contains records of past evens, but also hints of what to do next, it's always worth a look. It's als possible to enter your own text. Whenever you need to take notes during play, you can use the journal.



Battle System

  <Combat Commands>





Attack an Enemy.




Defend oneself or a companion.




Use one of the character's special skills.




Use an item.





Flee from the battlefield.



  <Combat Flow>



 1. Basic Attack




The gauges in the upper left corner are the time gauges. When filled, they turn red and the character begins to shine



After selecting an action, the character starts moving immediately. Here Baldea has chosen "Attack," so she rushes towards the enemy.


2. Combination Attack



Multiple characters can attack the same enemy after another. A combo counter is displayed, and attacks get stronger with higher counters.





While Duran attacks, Arus is dashing from the back...




Duran's attack ends, and Arus takes over. Together they accumulate three hits.


3. Evasion



This happens when the target enemy leaves its place to attack a party member.





Both Clare and Duran went to attack an enemy, but unfortunately he's gone.




Duran tried to attack the enemy, but it's attacking Clare instead. So not only has the attack failed, it also hurt the party.




It's important to watch the enemies timing to avoid this. A red exclamation mark appears next to them before they move.


4. Collision



This happens when a hero and an enemy attack each other at the same time, like Baldea and the Minotaur in this image.






Duran and the enemy clashed together. Afterwards both receive some damage and return to their position.



5. When an Enemy Is Defeated



Usually one gets money. Sometimes it's also possible to get an item. Experience is also earned, although it's not displayed explicitly.





As soon as enough experience has piled up, the character goes up a level immediately.








  The weapon of choice for warriors and knights.



【Blunt Weapons】

  Other than bladed weapons, these can be used by anyone.




   Often used by mages for self defense, staffs can amplify magic,

   but aren't very useful as weapons.




   Provides extraordinary protection, but is tough to wear without

   proper training or a strong build.




   Doesn't cover as much space at once, but as it's attached to the

   arm, it can be used to protect any area and is thus widely used

   by soldiers.




   Equipment to shield the face and head.




   Protecting the feet, essential not only in combat. One wouldn't go

   through fields or mountains barefooted, after all.




   Includes wizards' robes and light leather armor. Because of their

   light weight, anyone can wear them, but they only give weak





   Pendants, rings and necklaces. When enchanted by a witard, they

   can hold special powers. But those accessories are very precious

   and sold at high prices.