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The Protagonists



   After losing his family and home to the Bales at a young age, Duran wandered around aimlessly, until he caught the attention of Kiel, then the leader of the Lion Knights. He followed Kiel into to war, and was knighted on the battlefield. But he had to witness the complete annihilation of the order in an attempt to prevent the resurrection of Galadriel through the Church of Balie. Deeply hurt and yearning for revenge, he came to spend his days hunting down the remnants of the cult with the militia in Sillon Forest. He has become cold and indifferent, and doesn't let anyone come close to him, but he becomes the leader of the group in search for Galadriel.
Age: 25
Element: Iron




   She never knew her parents and is just getting by with stealing, yet she always remains cheerful. The fairies of time that have been following her around as long as she can remember might be the reason for that. They can halt time around her, so she can move around so quickly that it appears as if she just vanishes. ... Her meeting with Duran and the hunt for Galadriel she just sees as another fun adventure. Maybe she had more opportunity to think while stopping the time, at any rate sometimes she gets to know things other people can't notice.
Age: 17
Element: Water



   This young man from Elim was picked for the knight order at a young age because of his strong character, and thus received an education in etiquette and weapons training from the clerics and knights. For his first mission he was sent to the Krud Cave to hunt for followers of the Church of Balie, who were hiding among the Silon militia, but he meets with unforeseen events and finds himself wandering around the cave alone. At the same time Duran and Baldea are also in the cave, but they only meet again later. Due to his pure sense of justice, he often clashes with Duran.
Age: 19
Element: Wood



   Whith Clements VII lying ill and the first prince Dilion gone, she stands alone to guard the royal palace. A smart and thoughtful young woman, she seems more fit for the throne than the 3rd prince, Schmitz. But she feels that her place for now would not be in the castle, and sees Oppenheimer's coup d'etat rather as an opportunity to leave. Eventually she becomes the ninth monarch of Shiltz, and its first queen.
Age: 20
Element: Fire



   An old man who lost his memory; he seems as extraordinary as careless. He meets the group after getting abducted by Grizz. Sometimes he seems to know more than he lets on.
Element: Earth



    This young magician was the guardian of Galadriel's seal and successor to Erasnets. Usually he is polite and cheerful, but sometimes a bit arrogant. With his rich wisdom, he aids the group to interpret the prophecy. He has his own thoughts about its true meaning and the measures that need to be taken. He is the only person in the world left who can create seals. Worships Erasnets like a god.
Element: Earth




Other Characters



   A beautiful woman with white hair. She only appears at places and to people she wants to. An instable woman who shows imbalanced magical powers and emotional tempers. Somehow she is related to each in the group of heroes.



    The ninth of the ten Balie, called "Galadriel of Chaos". Was sealed away by Erasnets 300 years ago, but someone freed her from the seal.



   Leader of the Silon Forest Vigilantes. Some time ago he just appeared out of nowhere and formed the group.



    The court bishop who inaugurated king Clementz. On the surface he's a leader of the Church of Elios, but behind the castle walls he is pursuing other goals.



   The cold-hearted leader of the Black Knights. No one knows his reasons, but he holds a deep grudge against the royal family of Shiltz. He yearns for Shiltz' complete downfall.



    Clare's little brother. He is put on the throne through an insurrection within the royal knight order. He knew of the knights' plan to get rid of Clare, but he didn't make the decision. If being too young can be a sin, then it is his.



   A women living alone in the village of Sevis. If the villagers are to believed she's lived there for over 30 years, but she is as beautiful as a young woman. She is researching about the hidden prophecies, and an old acquaintance of Veorin.



    The leader of Laim's militia.



   A boy from Sikara, a bright kid that tought himself magic at a very young age.



    The leader of the Undergrounders that live beneath Elim.



   The legendary man who sealed away Galadriel at age 10; A military and cultural hero. He systemized the magic of Shilz, and built up the royal family. In his late years he retired into seclusion, leaving a set of ten prophecies. After his death he was held up as a protective divinity of Shiltz, and even after 300 years still gives spiritual strength to those that fight aganst the Bales.



   Leader of the Church of Balie. He is the very man that released Galadriel from her seal five years ago. His magic is said to be beyond imagination, but even among his followers no one has ever seen his face.