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Seal: Travelers of Destiny



General Info




▶ English Title: Seal: Travelers of Destiny


▶ Korean Title: 씰: 운명의 여행자


▶ Developer: Garam and Baram


▶ Original Release: April 14th, 2000


▶ Genre: Role-playing


▶ System: Windows






Seal: Travelers of Destiny is one of Korea's great tragic games. The small independent developer Garam & Baram had started developing Seal in June of 1999, and after ten months of development time it was released on April 14th, 2000. It made it on place 9 of the sales charts, but immediately dropped out of them the next month. Online-distributed warez had just taken off in Korea, and within days Seal was eagerly downloaded in a 50MB rip version. Not only did piracy hurt sales, the game also shipped with numerous bugs that soon brought down its reputation. Yet the download figures of the inevitable patches exceeded the number of sold copies by multitudes. The publisher reported that no more than 3,000 copies were sold of the initial boxed release, making it a much sought-after rarity on the aftermarket.

Garam & Baram soon folded due to the underwhelming sales, and after short sojourns at some very unlikely hosts (an online sports news provider, for example) the development team joined Grigon Entertainment. Several re-releases (including a magazine bundle after less than a year), as well as localizations for Taiwan, Japan and mainland China made sure the game wasn't completely forgotten, but those were rather humble as well–the original contract with MediaQuest included 4,000 copies for Japan, but apparently those sold quickly enough to warrant a re-release in the "EA Best Selections" budget series. By that time most of the bugs had been fixed in several patches, and a small content pack was offered for download, which was included in the later releases.

As a franchise, Seal lives on in the much more successful Seal Online, which is still in active service in several languages and recently spawned a mobile version for smartphones.







Jan 20, 2000

Demo Release
free download


Apr 14, 2000

Original Release (Korea)
Publisher: Kama Digital Entertainment


Sep 27, 2000

Bonus Pack
free download


Jan 12, 2001

Taiwanese Release (Title: 封印物語~奇幻的冒險之旅~)
Publisher: Saint Hermit Studios


January 2001

PC Player 2/2001 Bundle (Korea)
Publisher: Kama Digital Entertainment


Jul 9, 2001

Digital Download (Korea)
Publisher: Hana Net


Oct 26, 2001

Japanese Release (Title: SEAL~運命の旅人~)
Publisher: MediaQuest


April 2002

Seal Complete Edition (Korea)
Publisher: Grigon Entertainment (Narsillion preorder bonus)


Jul 24, 2002

Chinese Release (Title: 封印物语~奇幻的冒险之旅~)
Publisher: Soft World International


Mar 13, 2003

EA Best Selections Release (Japan)
Publisher: MediaQuest



Series Info


Leithian (March 1999)

   Leithian was the first released game by Garam & Baram. It is traditionally considered to belong together with Seal, although it takes place in another land and the two games' stories are not connected. The mechanics are different, too: While Seal uses a variant of the active-turn based system popularized by Final Fantasy, Leithian is an action RPG.

   However, they share the common theme of humanity's struggle with fate and the possibility or impossibility to overcome it. Seal also contains some easter eggs that allude to Leithian.

   Unfortunately, Leithian was released prematurely because of pressure through the publisher, and suffers from massive balancing issues and a general lack of polish.



Narsillion (March 4th, 2002)

   While connections to Seal are once again very vague, Narsillion is a direct prequel to Leithian, telling the tragic love story of the heroine Ellen's parents. Although the overall gameplay is very similar to Leithian, it took over the sidequest structure and journal function from Seal.

   Narsillion was also the team's first game developed in the comparatively save working environment at Grigon Entertainment. Yet the balancing was once again problematic, and the game couldn't do much to turn around the fate of Korea's dying retail games market.



Seal Online (July 16th, 2003)

   Seal Online, as the name betrays, is the only game that directly ties in to Travelers of Destiny. Just like it's single-player predecessor, the MMORPG takes place in the (now expanded) country of Shiltz, and players get to meet again the heroes and several other characters from the first game. In many cases, however, their design has changed significantly, as the tone as a whole turned much more whimsical.

   Since the rights for Seal Online have been taken over by publisher YNK Korea in February 2007, the servers are kept active even after Grigon Entertainment's demise. Seal Online is also the only game of team Garam & Baram that ever made it to the West via official localization.